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ELECTRICITY IS LIMITED ACCESS AT ALL VENUES. It is preferred that stallholders supply their own electricity for all events and venues. Some events may have electricity available.
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Mulgrave Farmers Market is an open market for producers and makers of great food. 4th Sunday is an open market - no party plan or commission sales items allowed.
The date for Health and Harmony at St Ann'e winery has now been confirmed for the next event. Please submit your Expression of Interest
St Annes Winery 64 Garrards Lane, Mryniong
All street stalls & Makers Market in the Public hall (ALL STALLS MUST BOOK FOR BOTH DAYS. THOSE STALLS THAT DO NOT TURN UP FOR THE 2ND DAY WILL BE INVOICED $150 FOR NON APPEARANCE AND WILL NOT EVER BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND FUTURE EVENTS). All food vendor allocations will be subject to renewal for 2019. With over 100 on the waiting list there will be a long selection process and possible draw for site allocations and acceptance.
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