Greek and Olive Festival

European Breads

New Date to be confirmed

Travel to Greece 

There's only a $10 parking fee! Bring a car load of friends and family - fun times to be had! Including Foodtrucks, Market Stalls, Entertainment such as Greek Dancing groups

+ FREE workshops including how to make: Greek Yoghurt, Dolmades, Bread & Spanakopita!

Bizzy Bee

Bizzy Bee

Q Tell us a fascinating, not well-known fact about bees: 
Isabel -  The most fascinating thing people find when I speak to them about bees is the bees life span is about 6 weeks during Honey production season and 5 years for the Queenbee. Also it take one small teaspoon of honey for a single bee to produce in its life time and visits up to around 5,000 flowers a day. Amazing isn't it! 

Canine Wellness

Canine Wellness

Describe the moment that triggered the concept of starting Australia's First Food Truck for dogs? 
We always went out to food truck events, restaurants, markets and festivals with our dog Fred and poor Fred always got left over table scraps or the odd hot chip. He ended up just begging for food the whole time and that’s when we had the moment, wouldn’t it be great if we could have a food truck dedicated to just dogs. A truck that sold healthy street food just for dogs. No human stuff just canines.

Merrifield Market

Drongo and the Crow

The Merrifield Market is a vibrant place for fresh food and community activities, whilst connecting with family and friends.

We’re bringing some of the best farmers, gourmet producers, artisans, and fun to Merrifield, so join us every 4th Saturday from 9am - 1.30pm to sample the delicious food and lovely goodies on offer!


Upcoming Merrifield Market dates

4th Weekend dates for 2019